About us


rawextracts wallpaper

Fulfilling the needs with creativity is what Raw Extracts thrives to provide. This brand is invention of two architects who wanted to expand the horizon of their designing capabilities. Timeless conceptual designs with durable genuine leather built up is what Raw Extracts’s is known for. Promoting handcraft culture by creating “Single-Artesian-Made” product with conceptual story behind each design bringing uniqueness to every product.




Crafted by hand

Not only designing and conceptualising but manufacturing each and every product with details and efforts is our priority. Every bag is handmade and crafted with superior details and single artisan made, from scratch to bottom.


Ethical Workshop

As we Architects design and manage the production of the bags we consider ethical workspace to be our priority and professionalism be in vein of our brand. Supporting crafters and their art to create is vital. We firmly believe in ethical workspace so, our RE STUDIO follow ethical standards firmly.


Environment Loving

Using Leather as a material brings huge moral responsibility to care for our environment. We strictly follow natural tanning process for our 100% guaranteed genuine leathers it is ethically sourced high quality certificated farms. All the animals live good lives and have plenty of space to live organically.