Leather Wallets

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A contemporary designed wallet with flip over card holder space for extra card space. Two regular cash pockets, 1 enclosed coin pocket and 2 hidden pockets.

Leather Wallets

Contrasting Color Wallet


A unique contrasting wallet design with orangish hue and charcoal black colour leather. With 4 card holder, 1 coin pocket, 1 hidden pocket and 2 regular cash holder pocket


Three variants with dual shades which includes- 1 pocket outside, 3 card holder, 1 coin pocket, 2 secret pocket, 2 cash holder pockets large


Leather wallet with 8 card holder space, 1 coin pocket , 2 hidden pocket and 2 cash holder pockets.


Leather Wallets

Minimalistic Wallet

1,299.00 999.00

This is not your regular wallet, a minimalistic wallet with smaller sizes than regular ones. 4 card holders, 2 sim pockets, 1 hidden pocket, 1 coin holder, and two cash compartments.

1,499.00 1,199.00

The best of bunch carries superior quality leather in two variants of color, front hidden pocket, 4 card holder, 2 hidden inner pocket, 1 coin pocket with card holder, two regular size cash pockets.


These wallets are designed in a way to carry 8 card holders and 2 cash pockets.